Worldshift Update


Hello, everyone! 

I thought I’d take the time to inform you all about the progress of my second writing project, Worldshift: Virtual Revolution. It’s a stand-alone LitRPG-ish book that I’m writing as a book, and not as a web serial. There are some early chapters up on Patreon that I released a while ago if people are curious.  

I started writing Worldshift mostly as an experiment in order to try something different and learn about different types of writing. Writing a book is very different from a web serial and I’ve learned a lot about long-term plotting and character development which should help me become a better web serial writer, and I know you all want that. I also hope that after learning so much from writing the Iron Teeth that Worldshift will show how I’ve improved my craft and be a great story that people enjoy. Remember, I’m new to fiction writing, and the Iron Teeth was my first real attempt.

 Anyway, I just finished the first draft of the book today, and it comes out at just under 150 000 words, which is a fair size for a novel, and it will probably get longer after editing.  

 Now, my plan for this story is to get to work on the second draft, which I have a lot of notes for. After writing the first draft, I’ve got a lot of things I want to change and add to flesh out the world and characters, which I can do because this is written as a book. 

I’m thinking that editing the second draft will take around a month, although I could be wrong, since this is my first time doing this. After the second draft is done, I’m planning on putting it up on Patreon so that VIP patrons can beta read it and give me feedback on the plot. I will then use that feedback to do editing and get a third draft done. That draft will then go to my professional editors so that all the typos get eliminated. Soon after that, I’ll get Worldshift out as an e-book available on Amazon.  

And, that’s what’s going on with that. 


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  • DM
    February 11, 2019

    Hi Scott, are you still planning more books in the Iron Teeth series? I enjoyed 1-3 and have been hoping the story continues.

    • ClearMadness
      February 18, 2019

      Yes, I have more Iron Teeth books coming. I’ve simply been too overwhelmed with the web serial and other projects lately to get them done.

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