No Chapter This Week


I’m really sorry but this holiday week has been very hectic. Although I’ve been travelling a lot and visiting relatives, I tried to keep up on my writing, but I seem to have caught a bug.  I have got a lot of stuff done writing wise this week, but I find myself unable to complete the next chapter because I’m feeling under the weather and can’t concentrate at all on what needs done right now. It’s just not coming together and I’ve been super tired all day.


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  • klasplakum
    December 31, 2017

    get well soon & thanks for all the great chapters the past year, it has been a pleasure yo follow you

  • Hithere
    January 1, 2018

    Running yourself ragged trying to write when you should be having fun celebrating the hollidays is no way to enjoy them. So take it easy I say and enjoy the yearchange.

    Happy new year!

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