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Hey, everyone. I’m trying to get off my butt and organize a little more. Part of that is giving you guys the goodies you all deserve. It may seem like I’ve been slow lately, but really I’ve been just been working on a bunch of projects I have yet to share. The first draft of Worldshift, my LitRPG book, is coming along nicely at over 80 000 words, and I’ve finally figured out how to finish off book 3 of The Iron Teeth. I should be sending that off to my editor soon.

Anyway, I’m looking to create some sort of bonus to give out to people who sign up for my mailing list. Yes, I’ve had one for a while. No, I haven’t done anything with it. 😛

I’ve put up a poll on Patreon where users can vote for and discus what they would want as a bonus for signing up to a mailing list. Please check it out.


Free Bonus Chapter!

Get access to a 9000 word bonus chapter set in The Iron Teeth and a new world map by joining my mailing list today.

  • Bart
    June 14, 2018

    Aren’t I already on a list? I received note of this by email.

    • ClearMadness
      June 17, 2018

      Subscription through WordPress is different from a real email list.

  • AshSlanabrezgov
    June 16, 2018

    Not sure, why you need to write LitRPG. Those are fun only when author has personally lots of fun with system (see Randidly Ghosthound), or when those are simple and meaningful to the plot (see Treadbare and Large Chests).

    But if you want it, then why not? Just, personally, I think that Iron Teeth shows how great a story can be when strengths and weaknesses of characters are explained in relation to each other.

    It’s like a monetary system and bartering. Monetary system provides fine quantifiers and remove hussle many exhausting aspects of bartering like three-way transactions, but bartering reflexes beauty and uniqueness of things and services.

    It’s like how you can never closely express melee combat via numbers, you can’t express people with numbers.

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