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I meant to get this post out a while ago but things came up. I’m making some changes and would like to inform you all of what is going on with me.

As many of you may know, my first book sold very well and that’s amazing. I’d like to thank all you readers for your support and remind you all of how much I appreciate it. Unfortunately, while my second book still sold well it sold noticeable worse than my first. This concerns me. If I put more books out are my sales going to keep going down? I was expecting sales to go up and planned for that eventuality, however I can’t depend on that now. The success of my first book may have been a fluke, which really sucks.

Thus, I’ve reluctantly decided to make some changes. The first draft of book 3 is up as a web serial but I won’t be focusing on getting it out as a book right now. Instead I’m going to be starting a new project that will hopefully draw in some new readers and get my name out there.  It will be a completely new story in a new world, and be written as a book instead of a web serial, although I’m thinking of giving patrons access to the chapter drafts. I will share more information about this story soon.

Unfortunately, this new project is going to take up a fair amount of time and I only have so much, so I’m only going to start releasing a single chapter of The Iron Teeth every week, instead of sometimes releasing two. That means no more Wednesday chapters. I’m sorry that I have to do this but it is necessary right now. After over two years of writing this story I’m also starting to get fatigued, so a new writing project will hopefully reinvigorate me and allow me to get some new creative juices flowing.

Thanks for hanging with me. Expect Sunday releases as normal.


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  • Entropy
    November 15, 2017

    Love all your work. Seriously keep it up and don’t worry. I just bought all your books, hope what little it is can help. Also I can’t wait to read a new book of yours let’s hope it’s realeased soon all your work is great.

  • Tuomas Karmakallio
    November 15, 2017


    I’ve been a free follower after buying Book 1 ( I found it randomly when I started playing a goblin character in an RPG and was looking for books with goblin protagonists ). I liked it and started reading the webserial despite being skeptical of having patience for a chapter by chapter progression.

    Book 1 was something a bit different, got me well hooked.

    I liked Book 2 for the village building aspects particularly. But I guess I didn’t see any point in buying it once it was done, since I had already been reading it online… It would be interesting to know how people behave in this situation. I guess I figured I would buy the last books at the assumed end of the trilogy, if I deemed it worthwhile.

    So far Book 3 has been less intriguing for me. I felt like the mix of dark and bloody violence with jokey bits a bit uncomfortable perhaps. I don’t recall if Book 1 had as much humoristic aspects… There doesn’t seem to be much further that the character could change/evolve compared to Book 1 and 2, so I guess I was hoping for a clear path to an ending of some sort. I think if Book 3 can be edited to wrap things up so that you can consider the story done ( if you were envisioning it would still continue further, and would need to make changes ).

    I feel it would be a good choice to finish the trilogy and publish. Then people who like it who tend to binge read would be likely to read through all 3 and not be left hanging with an unfinished story.

    Pricing wise, I like it when less known authors price their books reasonably as you do. Perhaps by dropping Book 1 down a couple of books you could get more new people onboard and then have them follow on to books 2 + 3 more easily that way. I know that tends to be y behavior, if I see the next book on my iPad ready and waiting for a reasonable price I will usually just keep going…

    Anyhow. It’s been interesting to follow the adventure. Hope my feedback is taken as positive.

  • GG
    November 16, 2017

    Hope you succeed, glad you’re not dropping it altogether, once a week is a fine pace too, would be cool if we got more info on what the new book will be about exactly when you do know

  • Scab
    November 16, 2017

    Like the post above, awesome news and great to see that you are not dropping this story!

    Just to add my two cents:
    The first story was one hell of a ride (quite action packed) perhaps that is why it sold better compared to the second one (big shift from action packed to the trek trough the woods and a more gentle pace). Although it was nice for me to read though as it provides some background and buildup for the next phase (non stop action gets boring real fast). So don’t let the sales bog you down, the story is gold. I can’t wait to see how Blacknail continues to grow his fledgling “empire” and bring death and destruction upon the Wolf.

    That said, keep strong and by god never stop writing!

    November 16, 2017

    that sucks, if your web serial readership went up a lot after book 1 it may be that people are just reading online instead of buying

    could be that because you did well w/the first book your web serial readers didn’t feel the need to spread the word/review for book two/maybe B2 not advertised as well

    could be that for some reason Amazon didn’t suggest it to as many people
    generally, there will always be fewer readers for subsequent books in a series b/c people have to have read the previous books and liked them to buy the later ones
    but having more books in the series can make people more likely to buy the first one (maybe if it’s like ten it can deter me)

    it would probably be beneficial to contact some other authors to find more about the trends

    idk if there is an ideal timespan to release books, is faster always better? it might be worth looking into

  • Bart
    November 17, 2017

    Link to these books. I don’t know what you’re talking about. 🙂

  • Michael Lazaro
    November 28, 2017

    This is just my opinion and how I see the books cover. Besides being a great book, the cover of the first book just shows adventure and fun. The cover art is fantastic and it is what caught my eye in the first place. Just screams fun, adventure and mischief. The cover on second book is kind of confusing. Does not shout any fun, adventure or anything, its even hard to make out the characters and cant even figure out how Blacknail looks. Basically, it does not make me want to buy or read description of the book, unlike the first cover, I couldnt wait.. This is just my opinion, I am no artist or writer, this is just the difference I see in the books.. Also, thanks, I LOVE them!

  • Charlie
    December 25, 2017

    I read 300+ books per year, have written 4 books and edited inumeral other books. Here’s what happened to book 2:

    1). Your cover art sucked. I know it shouldn’t matter, the purity of the story and all that . . . But the average moron considers the art more than they should
    2). You gave it away for free . . . People are smart animals – if they can read it online for nothing . . . Why buy it?
    3). Amazon bumps sequels down . . . They want you to PAY them to feature it – so everyone got greedy: Amazon & you . . . For basically refusing to pay and just throwing in the towel. It takes time, talent and MONEY to build a brand. Don’t quit so easily.

    Listen or not . . . But for Goodness sakes, quit giving your writing away for free online while simultaneously complaining about your revenue decline . . .

    • ClearMadness
      December 31, 2017

      You have a point about the free thing. Having a web serial really helped with the sales of my first book but probably dampened the sales of the second, because people who read the first moved on to web serial. I don’t want to stop writing the serial, though. I’ll have to think about it.

      • Brainship
        December 31, 2017

        At the very least remove the books that have already been published. That way if they feel the need to reread them (as I often do) they have to buy the book. Also maybe add in some more extras like you did with the map in the second book. Maybe your vip chapters or new journal entries or special chapters concerning certain characters pasts. Like when Saeter met Herod or what led Gerhald to killing that one guy in a duel, or a story from Saeter’s White Raven days or Khita’s life before she joined with Herod or what went on in the Goblin village while Blacknail was in Daggerpoint. I for one bought your second book just for the map (despite the desperate pleas of my budget).

      • Brainship
        December 31, 2017

        A journal entry about the Iron Teeth Pantheon would be nice.

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