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Hey there, readers! I have great news for you all. Book three of The Iron Teeth is now available for pre-order at Amazon! The release date is a week from now on the 22nd of August. The paperbook will became available right after the release of the ebook.

Don’t worry if you’ve already read the web serial. Purchasing the e-book will not only give you access to a revised and professionally edited version of the story that is worth rereading, but the book version also comes with several new chapters that form a new arc, The Suffering Souls. This new adventure takes place at the end of the book and is worth a read. It rounds out the story of Blacknail and several other characters, giving them some depth.

Purchasing and leaving a review is a also just a great way of supporting the author. Every purchase and review works makes my books more visible on Amazon, and helps other potential readers find my writing. If you haven’t bought and reviewed the first and second books then please do that as well. Why not reread the revised and edited story right from the start?

This book took longer than expected to release, because it required a lot of brainstorming and revision. Thankfully, the next book shouldn’t take nearly as long because I already did some of the editing and notes for it when I was deciding on how long to make the third book. I just need to write an arc of new content for it.

Anyway, please head over to Amazon and check out my books! Every purchase and review helps a lot. Thanks for everything.

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Book 3 is Out!

The third novel in The Iron Teeth series is now out on Amazon. Please support the author and help promote the book by purchasing and reviewing A Bloody Road. Every review and purchase helps a lot!

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