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Interlude: Breathe of Life


“Well, this is a fine mess we’ve gotten ourselves into,” Ralphi remarked sourly.

He was leaning against the room’s only doorframe. It wasn’t a very large room, but there were several other people and one large bed in it. A tense looking Herah was standing guard on the other side of the door. Geralhd was sitting in a chair beside the bed, and Khita was sitting on the edge of the bed itself. Behind her, Blacknail was sleeping. He’d been cleaned, and his wounds had all been bandaged, but there were bloodstains showing through some of the cloth. Many of his wounds were still bleeding, even while others had healed. It was miracle that he was still alive at all. He’d looked dead when they’d first found him.

“It looks like he’s going to pull through now,” Geralhd remarked as he studied the hobgoblin on the bed. “Despite the spectacular nature of his wounds, they’re closing and he is healing.”

“Damn right!” Khita huffed loudly. “There’s no way Blacknail would die from something like this. He’s almost as hard to kill as me!”

“That’s practically a real compliment,” Ralphi muttered snidely.

“We’re lucky Werrick’s troops finally broke when they did and that Ilisti’s charge forced Werrick to retreat. Although, he undoubtedly thought Blacknail was already beyond saving.”

Ralphi’s scowl just deepened. He looked like he’d bitten into a sour fruit. “At this point, I’m not worried about the hobgoblin fading away on us. It’s everything else that’s got me worried about my skin. For starters, we have no idea how the other hobgoblins will react to his defeat and injury. Gob is keeping control for now, but they haven’t had time to really process it. We’re in uncharted waters there, and I’m worried about sinking.”

“Then, maybe you should be out there helping?” Khita replied bluntly. “You did help train the hobs. They listen to you.”

“I’ll do what I can, but I have no idea if it will be enough,” Ralphi told her. “There are also lots of other things to worry about. Even with Blacknail safely back here at the base and recovering.”

“Like Werrick. He got away and he’ll be back,” Geralhd agreed with a nod of his head. “The Wolf knows what he faces now, The next time he seeks battle he will bring all his forces against us, and some of our allies are less than reliable. Ilisti won’t bleed for anyone else. He only helped this time because we had the advantage.”

“Yep, we just started a war with the most powerful man in the North, and all we’ve got are a bunch of shifty hobgoblins, questionable alliances, and some dumb villagers,” Ralphi agreed. “Honestly, I’d be making a break for it if there was anywhere to go. Even with gold in my pocket it would be hard to get anywhere safe to spend it.”

“I just hope Blacknail recovers soon. Ilisti has been wanting to see him, but I’ve been making excuses. I can’t keep doing that for too long, and the vympir is rather intimidating,” Geralhd said before sighing deeply. 

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I just finished up setting up my new enhanced mailing list and the sign-up rewards for it. If you’re already a member I will sending you an e-mail with a link to the rewards very soon. If you’re not already a member of my mailing list then you can sign up below! You will immediately gain access to a new full-size world map and a short story. These rewards and the topic of the bonus story were selected via polling, so I hope you like them. The story is entitled Another Goblin’s Tale and it is about Imp’s backstory. At 9000 words its about three chapters worth of content, so check it out!

I will be further developing my e-mail list in the future. Members will get timely notifications of deals and new book releases, among other things. I will not be spamming you or giving away your information, so don’t worry about that. You can trust me. 😉

One future project that I’m considering is to gather up all the sort stories and interludes I’ve written to create an anthology e-book. I’m thinking I will expand the interludes and then get them all professionally edited. After that I’ll get a cover made and put it in e-book format. This would then become my new mailing list reward. Many indie authors offer free books and I think it would attract more people. However, since my editor and cover artist are busy working on stuff for book 3 of The Iron Teeth right now, this won’t be happening right away. To say nothing of my own preoccupation with other writing.

Anyway, sign-up below to get access to the wonderful world map and a unique 9000 word short story you won’t find anywhere else!


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Will of Iron 13


Werrick’s sword cut through the air as it zoomed toward Blacknail’s face. However, the hobgoblin was ready. He ducked under the attack and stepped forward. Behind his wolf helmet, a brief frown appeared on Werrick’s face as Blacknail then stabbed upward at the man’s unarmored armpit. To ward off the blow, Werrick was forced to take a step back and swing his weapon around into a guard position. Blacknail didn’t stay still either. That would be stupid against such a powerful opponent. Still moving, he circled around to find a new opening in the man’s stance.

“There’s definitely something different about you,” Werrick remarked as the battle raged on around him.

Over his leather, the Wolf was wearing a chainmail shirt with steel pauldrons and bracers on his arms. He towered over Blacknail by over a foot – if you didn’t include the hobgoblins horn’s – and he must have weighed over twice as much. Blacknail didn’t care about that, though. He’d hunted big game before, and this was his greatest enemy. His only real rival and the killer of his master. He had to die.

Hissing with barely contained fury, Blacknail burned Elixir and feinted left. When Werrick moved to counter the feint, Blacknail quickly turned and slashed right instead with unnatural speed. His blade nicked Werrick’s arm and drew blood, although it was but a tiny wound. As Werrick raised his guard again, a look of dawning comprehension appeared on his face.

“Oh, I understand now,” Werrick laughed confidently. “You’re him, the Blacknail. I didn’t recognize you. All you green-skinned savages look the same, and there are suddenly a lot you around.”

“All you pink idiots die the same,” Blacknail hissed back as he looked for another opening. Time was on his side now. His reinforcements were a lot closer than Werrick’s.

Werrick just smiled. “Oh, I don’t think that’s true at all. I’ve seen my fair share of both humanity and death. Still, I must say, you’ve managed to surprise me quite badly here, with this ambush of yours. Mahedium warned me about you, but I didn’t suspect anything like this. You’ve raised an army from nowhere! If anything, you’re even more dangerous than the mage warned. This has become quite the mess.”

“You were a fool to let me lure you here. Underestimating me will be your last mistake,” Blacknail replied in a tone that seethed with anger. “Your first was daring to take my master from me. I will bleed you for that.”

“Now who is being overconfident?” Werrick countered. He didn’t seem impressed by Blacknail’s bluster. “I don’t have time to chat though. I admit you’ve placed me in a bit of an unexpected bind, so let me show you how I pushed back your big friend back there. You should be proud. Very few people have ever managed to make me fight seriously. Herad never did.”

Blacknail opened his mouth to shout back, but then something odd caught his eye. Werrick’s blade had grown hazy. It was almost like smoke was rising from it, creating ripples in the air. 

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