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 This is the north proper, the very knife edge of civilization. Here among the stark mountains and endless forests there are undiscovered treasures, amongst countless unmarked graves. Here monsters stalk the night and outlaws gather. It is the land of the desperate and the foolish. A land of singular wonders and crushing horror…

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All the nameless goblin slave ever wanted was not to be beaten by his masters too much, and to eat as much as he could shove into his mouth when no one was looking.

Instead, he is drugged and whisked away to the far off Iron Teeth Mountains. Will he be able to survive there and evolve into something more than a simple goblin? To stay alive he will have to deal with hordes of deadly monsters, fit in among human bandits, and carve a bloody path through the forests of the North.

However, first he has to get over his crippling fear of trees, and survive in a place where everything considers him to be the perfect size for a quick snack…


New Readers

This is a web serial that you can read online free. It is posted a chapter at a time instead of all at once like in book or novel. You can can press the Start Here button to go to the beginning of the story and start reading. For more info you can go to the About page. The latest chapters can also be found here, or at the Table of Contents. I hope you enjoy reading my dark fantasy story. It was partly inspired by the worm web serial.


News and Events


Release Schedule: I’m currently doing a lot of editing on my early chapters and planning for my new ones so expect only one new release a week for a while, probably on Sundays. I hope to wrap this up and get back to twice weekly releases soon. I do however feel the editing is necessary to broaden my reader base and get my early chapters up to the same standard of quality as my later ones. Several scenes will also be changed or removed to better the flow of the story.


Early Chapter Event: I usually have some sort of event going on where readers can vote or review me to get chapters released earlier. Check out the progress bar on the top right to see how close we are.

Number of chapter unlocked and due: 2

The 7th will be unlocked when we reach 10 000 votes on Wattpad. It sounds like more than it is, you can vote once per chapter.  So click the below link and vote away.

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Patreon Rewards: Second Patreon goal reached! This means I have the cash lying around to get some more artwork done. Expect some characters sketches soon. I’m super grateful to everyone who subscribed. It’s people like them that will make The Iron Teeth into a truly epic dark fantasy story!

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