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 This is the north proper, the very knife edge of civilization. Here among the stark mountains and endless forests there are undiscovered treasures, amongst countless unmarked graves. Here monsters stalk the night and outlaws gather. It is the land of the desperate and the foolish. A land of singular wonders and crushing horror…

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New Readers

Here you can find the writings of the author known as ClearMadness. The Iron Teeth is posted here both as books and as a web serial.  I hope you enjoy reading my work.

A web serial is a story that is posted online one chapter at a time, instead of all at once like in book or novel. The web serial version of this story is free but it is not as edited as the book version and is missing a fair bit of content.

If you are coming to the this website after reading the first book then I suggest going to the book guide page. There I explain the relationship between the the books and the web serial so that you know what to read.

News and Events

On Winter’s Wings 9

After the feast with the humans from Shelter was over, Blacknail invited Herah up to see his new bed. They then had a lot of sex on it before falling asleep. It was a great way to end an enjoyable day, because Blacknail had finally managed to show off his new home. It was bigger Continue Reading


Book 3 is Out Now!

Hello again readers! If you saw my last post then you’re probably aware that book 3 of The Iron Teeth is now available at Amazon! The paperback will became available sometime later today. Also, I’m planning on putting my first book, A Goblin’s Tale on sale for 99c for a week or two, so look out for Continue Reading


Newest Chapter

Twists and Turns 7

Sir Masnin nodded. “I see you are aware of these creatures. Boggarts are an old wives’ tale, but I’ve heard some of the local people call this new threat by that old name. Whatever they are, the creatures are truly twisted and evil. The havoc they have unleashed is unprecedented since the fall of the Continue Reading



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